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Gambling Strategy
24 March 2008

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Gambling and the Law
06 June 2007

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Casino Games

Ladies loves gambling: they will play any casino game there is. Are there any casino games only ladies play? It doesn't seem like that, In the entire casino and online casinos the games are popular equally in both genders. People think sometimes that women play only slot machines, but those people are usually just chauvinist or old fashioned. They see the women as a creature that cannot handle sophisticated games and are afraid to try so they prefer to play a simple game like slots where all they need to do is to insert coins and pull the lever.

But the truth is that women from all over the world really love to gamble, and not just at slot but in all of the casino games whether it's blackjack, poker, craps or baccarat. Women play and will play in casinos.

But casino games were not always so popular among women. The internet and the technology development is the main reason for this rising popularity. Online casinos opened the world of gambling in front of million of housewives. Instead of sitting at home doing nothing those women starting playing the great casino games every online casino has to offer all day long, some of those women even got addicted to gambling.